For you... Ladies

for well-being of women

during the menstruation


promotes the physical and psychological

condition of women

promotes vitality of the organism

and a positive mood

supports immunity, hematopoiesis

and healthy mucous membranes

5 herbs


3 vitamins

in one capsule

unique natural composition



for well-being during the menstrual period

Menstrin is a natural non-hormonal product for women and girls of various ages. Active ingredients contained in the product help to improve mental and physical condition during periods of menstruation, help relieve menstrual pain and cramps and promote the vitality of the body.

Menstrin contains an unique blend of natural substances and vitamins that will give the feminine body everything it needs for a calm and relaxed management of the menstrual period.

Herbal extracts

the synergy of five effective herbal extracts to suppress discomfort in women during the menstrual period


three B vitamins for better immunity of the organism, for the needed hematopoiesis and for healthy mucosal condition

Who is the product suitable

A non-hormonal natural product is suitable for women of every age.

The preparation is intended for all women with regular menstruation and also for women with incipient menopause symptoms.

It is also suitable for young girls from the first menstruation.

The product can be used at any stage of menstruation and also during the premenstrual period.

It is recommended for women who refuse synthetic hormonal therapy or who are forbidden to use hormonal products.

Menstrin for well-being

Menstrin contains a combination of natural herbal extracts combined with the necessary vitamins that have a beneficial effect on the physical and mental activity of the woman’s body.

This natural recipe is especially important in menstruation days, when the body of a woman is subjected to physical pain caused by uterine contractions and during psychological or emotional fluctuations due to the release of the hormones produced these days. The composition of Menstrin significantly helps to remove these negative symptoms during menstruation.

Active substances

contained in Menstrin


Vitex agnus castus
130 mg


Tanacetum parthenium
100 mg


Salvia officinalis
100 mg

Lemon Balm
Lemon Balm

Melissa officinalis
70 mg

Baikal Skullcap
Baikal Skullcap

Scutellaria baicalensis
50 mg

Vitamin B2
Vitamin B2

1,4 mg

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6

1.4 mg

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12

2,5 mcg

How does Menstrin work

on a female organism?

Chasteberry is an effective antioxidant, helps maintain menstrual comfort, relieves during premenstrual syndrome

Feverfew helps to relax during the menstrual cycle, contributes to the relaxation of the body

Sage contributes to premenstrual relaxation and comfort, contributes to women’s health

Lemon Balm contributes to the mental balance during the menstrual cycle, helps to relax the body and promotes positive mood

Baikal Skullcap contains beneficial flavonoids and helps to detoxify the body

Vitamin B2 contributes to the healthy condition of the mucous membranes, helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion

Vitamin B6 helps regulate hormonal activity, contributes to normal psychological activity

Vitamin B12 supports immunity, hematopoiesis, contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system

Nature wins over chemistry

From time immemorial, women have helped solve their health problems with herbs and potions. Their knowledge and experience of these natural methods then passed from generation to generation. The modern age have brought us solution in the form of tablets and pills. It is no longer necessary to collect or grow herbs, but just take your pill. Be cautious, however, and pay attention to what you put in your mouth and what you give to your body. Pills usually relieve pain, but the problem may be that their ingredients are of chemical origin and burden the organism.

Menstrin was specifically designed for women and contains herbs that women’s body requires during menstruation. It also contains vitamins that are suitable for a woman’s organism and have a positive effect on the mind of a woman. Say STOP to chemistry and offer your body a natural solution. If there are pains during the natural cycle, then there are the proper herbs that help relieve pain and generally relieve the body. We have mixed these herbs and  prepared for you Menstrin capsules.

Why is it better to choose a natural product?

Many women with menstrual problems often take the nearest choice in the form of different pills for pain.  For a couple of hours, they may relieve pain, but in fact they are not primarily intended for women’s menstrual periods. These pills generally relieve any pain, even toothache, only for a short period of time. Once their effective time ends, you need to take another pill or suffer again.

Over time, the woman’s body starts to be immune to these chemicals and the effectiveness of the pills stop working. The pain relief will be shortened and the dose of the tablets will increase. It can backfire at a time when the woman is ill and these pills containing the chemical composition will be really needed.

Menstruation is not a disease, it is not necessary to dampen it chemically. Menstrin contains substances that are beneficial to the woman’s body, Those herbs help to make the menstrual period more comfortable, while at the same time they are increasing mental comfort even in a period outside menstruation.

Benefits of Menstrin


Provides comfort during the menstruation period

Helps to relieve pain during menstruation

Mitigates menstrual symptoms, hot flushes, sweating, irritability


Contributes to mental well-being during period of menstruation

Promotes hormonal balance, relieves migraines and headaches

Harmonizes mental and emotional symptoms during menstruation


Supports vitality during menstruation days

Helps to maintain the natural immunity of the organism

Supports physical and mental performance

  • Natural composition

    The product is composed exclusively of natural substances, herbal extracts and vitamins, which give women comfort and hormonal balance during menstruation.

  • Quality guarantee

    We use raw materials that we choose very carefully in advance, always with respect to their utility properties. We deliver the highest quality and high efficiency product to our consumers.

  • No side effects

    Menstrin delivers a relief, it is gentle to the organism and has no side effects. The active substances contained in this product are beneficial to the body and do not cause any addiction.

  • HACCP production

    HACCP is a system of critical control points that serves to ensure the quality and health harmlesness of the product during production, processing, storage, handling and shipping.

Menstrin for your body and mind

Menstrin is a special product designed exclusively for women and girls. Why? It contains capsules filled with natural substances and vitamins that serve as a support for the female body and mind during the menstrual cycle.

The composition of capsules alleviates during premenstrual syndrome and contained herbs support the natural course of menstruation. The product can be taken at any menstrual period. Composition helps to remove unpleasant symptoms of the cycle – migraine, anxiety, etc. The product also helps prevent painful or irregular menstruation.

Vegetarian capsules

The benefit of Menstrin is also the use of vegetarian capsules. This is a type of capsule that is processed from plant sources, without additives and preservatives. Vegetarian capsules are a great alternative for people who want to consume pure-nature-based preparations or prefer these capsules for religious or moral reasons. Capsules will be appreciated especially by vegetarians and vegans, ie. people who can not stand capsules of animal origin.

The use of natural extracts in combination with vegetarian capsules brings the best possible effect, as these substances are of the same purely natural origin. The main benefits of the vegetarian capsules include their natural form, high stability, moisture resistance, rapid release in the organism, long-term life without bacteria, non-stressing of the organism, absence of gluten, preservatives and starch.

The experience of Menstrin users

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    Kathy Dehaan Housekeeper
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    Marsha Wilson Driver
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    Cecil Rivers Manager
  • „Přípravek Menstrin mi vyhovuje. Dříve jsem mívala z menstruace obavy, teď se ale během svých dnů cítím v pohodě a nic už mě neomezuje.“

    Aneta Brno
  • "Kdysi jsem během svého menstruačního období obvykle mívala pochmurnou náladu, bývala jsem skeptická, prostě necítila jsem se dobře. Tak proč nevyzkoušet nový přípravek, který by mi mohl pomoci? Musím říci, že přípravek Menstrin mi sedl, že jsem během svého období více v pohodě, jsem klidnější a také se už dovedu více smát."

    Katka Lovosice
  • "Během menstruace jsem se obvykle cítila špatně, bývala jsem fyzicky oslabená a trpěla jsem návaly horka a zimy zároveň. Tobolky Menstrin jsem začala užívat proto, že mi nic z předchozích přípravků nepomohlo. Byla jsem příjemně překvapená, že bolest se utlumila a co se týče psychiky, cítím se mnohem lépe než předtím. Proto tento přípravek doporučuji!"

    Pavlína Ostrava
  • "Konečně se mi ulevilo a už neprožívám taková muka během těch několika dní. A to díky přípravku Menstrin, na který jsem narazila na internetu a který jsem si hned koupila. Předtím jsem většinou bývala během menstruace zasmušilá a rozhozená, dostavovaly se křeče, bolesti v podbřišku. To už teď ale neplatí, teď už jsem v pohodě a každý den si náležitě užívám. "

    Alice Kroměříž


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